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Two Stacks  – A doe-eyed, broke black girl.

“So what I gotta do? I’m not stupid. Nobody is giving me two stacks to go stand up in a room.” A doe-eyed, broke black girl responds to the Man with the Master Plan. The master plan to vanity and destruction.

“All you gotta do is strip and entertain him. I’ll be in the conjoining room in case anything goes wrong. Two stacks” says the Man with the Master Plan.

The doe-eyed, virgin, broke black girl sits and contemplates what the Man with the Master Plan lays out. I think to myself… On one hand sh*t, I can buy the latest, have my hair did, have my nails poppin’. On the other hand, ain’t no one paying two stacks unless p***y involved… Read more on www.empresserotics.com Follow @Empress.Erotics on Instagram for your regular dose of sexy!