Shenseea keeps winning and her haters won’t let her be great.

The Dancehall singjay recently dropped some stacks recently to buy a brand new BMW with an epic paint job.

The hard-working single mother revealed her luxurious motor vehicle on Wednesday. According to Shenseea is was able to buy her ‘Bimma’ just two years after struggling and could barely afford to find money to take the bus.

“Me coulda hardly pay fare pon any bus me step ina. 2 years later me deh ya push me own Bimma 😌🙏 #ShenYeng#progress #Agift2MYSELF#ShenYengFIREFLY,” she wrote.

Shenseea’s post which racked up over 92,000 likes on her Instagram account saw hundreds of congratulatory comments from her fans and fellow Dancehall entertainers including Spice, Tarrus Riley, Stylo G, Ding Dong Ravers, Ce’cile and Rvssian.

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“Yuh Deserve It,” one fan wrote, “Inspirational…. hard work pays… Keep progressing girl,” another added.

“Shenseea you are my idol thanks for showing us girls that anything is possible once you work hard,” another continued.

However as expected, the haters also came out in their numbers with many denying her claims of struggling, “This girl is a damn liad how the hell you did a work and couldn’t afford bus fair, a fool yuh tek people fah.”

Others claimed she was not the one who purchased the BMW, “You mean Romiech bimma, bout her Bimma. Insurance mi wuk it have Romiech name pon it gal tap tell lies,” another wrote.

View photos and read comments below.

#Shenseea 👏 did 👏 that 👏

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