Shauna Chyn is looking to drop big bucks on a new ride and wants her fans to help in the decision.

It seems the last few months have been very successful for the “Control Button” star as she recently took to Instagram to ask fans for advice on which new luxury car she should cop.

“🤔hmm BMW X4 or 2018 Mercedes GLC? Help me purchase my new wip! Comment!,” the female entertainer asked fans.

Fans promptly gave the “Money Team” deejay their different opinions while justifying the reasons behind them. “The BMW X4 IS A BETTER LOOKING AND REDESIGNED. THE MERCEDES BENZ GLC PLAYED OUT FROM 2017,” one fan said while another suggested, “Definitely the Benz!!!!!!.”

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However, the comments where not all positive as some fans did take the opportunity to ridicule the star, posting various trolls.

Hold on deh wei she need help wid choosing which car to buy r money fi buy d car. But pupa jeezas if u no busy. So mi ago help u buy car n mi a walk. What a piece a brightness,” one fan joked.

In recent months the entertainer who was most prominently known for her past relationship with Gully Bop re-emerged on the Dancehall scene sporting a brand new look and sound.

Chyn stunned fans after announcing that she had undergone cosmetic surgery to enhance her “assets” in a bid to launch a successful recording career.

Since her transformation, the entertainer has been basking in the success of her recent singles which have managed to stir up a lot of attention on social media including the controversial track “Suicide.”