Sean Paul is putting his money where his mouth is.

The international Dancehall superstar has offered to provide financial assistance to the relevant authorities in order to facilitate a move of the welding plant which is currently adjacent to the National Stadium pool.

The entertainer made headlines earlier this week after he called out authorities over the potential health risks associated with the welding plant’s proximity to the national pool during an Instagram rant.

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“I am passionate about Jamaica’s athletes and the energies they put into representing our country. I am also conscious of potential health and safety risks for everyone who chooses to use the facility. Not only swimmers, but netball and basketball athletes, parents, coaches, lifeguards, vendors and all staff of the stadium are equally negatively affected as they are all in close proximity to the plant. In light of this, I am petitioning for permanent removal of the welding site from the pool area to a more conducive place on the stadium grounds with very little hindrance to the workflow that, I understand, is necessary for the welding plant,” the deejay said.

The deejay’s proclamation follows the swift reactions of the stadium’s management team, declaring their intentions to enclose the welding plant in an effort to address the health concerns.

Sean Paul is a frequent visitor to the National Stadium and has previously represented the country in water polo.