Emerging Dancehall recording artiste Savvrin is bringing the heat with the release of his latest track, Leave Them To Time. Produced by Boysie Records , the track was released on January 18.

“It’s about disloyalty in friendship and just knowing who you put your trust in,” he said, “I wrote this song from a personal experience and just seeing 2-faced people every day.”

Plans are currently in the works for the accompanying music video. In the meantime, the artiste is quite pleased with how the track has been received and the traction it has gained so far. As a new artiste with tons of potential, this response has been a motivating factor that drives him towards keeping the momentum going. With a style of music that’s described as hardcore Dancehall, Savvrin is an artiste who makes music for upliftment.

“I really focus on topics like violence, money and even more serious topics that we as Dancehall artistes tend to sweep under the rug, such as domestic abuse,” he explained.

Savvrin has high hopes for what 2019 will bring, anticipating more music, more appearances and more fans. At the moment, he is working on new music and other collaboration with YGF Records, which he plans to release later in the year. Currently in the stages of building his discography, one of his other singles is a track titled Greatest Man Alive. Produced by Sid Records, the uplifting and positive lyrics speak to being great – going after goals and believing in one’s self. The track was released last November and the accompanying music video was greeted with rave reviews.

One thing the Savvrin prides himself in is creating interesting story lines that give his music a unique spin. Savvrin is definitely an artiste to look out for in 2019 and beyond.

“I am here to share my creativity with the world; greatness is in the pipeline,” he expressed.