Safaree is starting a petition to get Bounty Killer’s United States visa and work permit reinstated.

The Jamaican rapper, songwriter took to social media on Saturday to make the announcement while lauding the veteran deejay for his recent charity work.

“Why on Gods green earth doesn’t Bounty killer have his Visa?,” Safaree questioned. “In My eyes [Bounty Killer] is the most influential artist in dancehall history they’re ppl all over the world especially in America who want to see him live and for it to be over a decade and he has not committed 1 violent crime and they still haven’t been granted his visa yet is ridiculous!”

“If I start a petition will that help?? I get ppl who come up to me in America all the time and ask me about killer!! Ayo Jamaican government embassy or whoever LETS FIX THIS!! For real!!!! This man just donated a bunch of beds to a hospitals in NEED SO LETS ADMIRE THE GOOD AND DO WHATS RIGHT!!!!!,” he added.

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Bounty Killer’s US visa was cancelled in 2010. At the time, an email advisory was sent to airlines not to board the artiste as well as three other deejays, as their visas were being revoked.

Speaking on the matter recently, Killer said he can see no reason he is still being denied the opportunity to travel to the United States.

“A long time eno man, it’s almost a decade. I have never been convicted of a crime so I think it’s a personal fight against me. I see people with severe case who get convicted and get a visa. So it’s just a personal attack on me. Dem just don’t want Bounty, but I am who I am and me can’t change. I can’t go tell the fada who make me say him have to make me over, me nah change,” he said.