Retired Jamaican footballer Ricardo Fuller sent social media users into a frenzy last weekend when he dropped a bombshell refuting the claims made by Dancehall artist Danielle D.I relating to an alleged engagement and cash settlement following their breakup.

While many social media users – mostly Danielle D.I fans – have since blasted the former Stoke City striker for his statement, sources close to “The Baller” says he had to speak out to protect his brand.

“Fuller is married, he’s a businessman and a brand, she [Danielle D.I] can’t have his name in any common mixup and expect him to remain silent,” the source said. “The fact that an alleged cash settlement and figure of £1 Million pound was mention that could bring about a lot of unwanted attention, especially from the government so he had to speak….. it was nothing personal.”

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Fuller broke his silence following a recent interview by D.I. where she said that they were engaged and she walked away from the relationship with a £1 Million settlement. “When i was with my ex-fiancé, the baller, when mi and the baller lef is a £1 Million pound settlement mi and him guh, yeah? cause a wan rich rich rich millionaire dat mi guh in as the wife and exit as the wife,” she told Onstage TV’s Winford Williams.

In a statement Ricardo hit back saying, “I Ricardo Fuller wish to refute claims made on a recent interview on stage aired on September 22nd, 2017 by Danielle Isaacs also known as D.I,” his statement read. “I was never engaged to Danielle Isaacs neither did i give Danielle Isaacs £1 Million pounds as a settlement as she claimed on the program.”

“I also wish to categorically state that all [relations] between Danielle Isaacs and I ended over nine years ago. I also refute all other statements made about me Ricardo Fuller by Danielle Isaacs,” he added.

Check out Danielle D.I’s full interview below.