Prince Marni is back on social media with a brand new look.

The Jamaican internet comedian, real name Anthony Grant, is now doing music and also got a new Instagram account.

Prince Marni shocked fans recently when he uploaded new photos rocking dreadlocks from an IG page with barely 1,000 followers.

In a video post, Marni later confirmed that it was in fact him and the account was his new page to focus on his music career. Prince Marni left social media last year summer after his ex-lover Inhalemee called off their engagement.

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#PrinceMarni is back with a new look! Are we here for it? 🤔

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Popular Trinidadian dancer, whose given name is Denisha Burton, revealed on social media in August that she was no longer with Marni and their wedding was off after they got engaged in March.

“I am no longer engaged,” she wrote in a lengthy post. “Don’t ask about my ring i am done f**king pretending.”

“Everything was a mother f**king life, [the] relationship [was] based on cheating worldwide,” she continued.

Inhalemee added that her longtime relationship with Prince was toxic and “sucked out all [her] drive and confidence.”

This isn’t the first time that cheating rumours came up. The two broke up briefly in 2017 and there was widespread speculation that him cheating on her led to the breakup after she shared a mysterious Instagram post: “Wanna have your cake and eat it to not with me boo #SelfLove#LadiesRespectYourself,” she wrote.

“Even after the ring you still had secrets damn,” she added.