G Whizz is currently making rounds on social media after a video surfaced of failed stage dive he attempted during a recent performance.

The “Nah Give Up” singer was performing at a college in Kingston earlier this week when he tried to crowd surface and had an epic fail.

Several social media users have been sharing the video on numerous platforms including Dancehall artiste Popcaan who uploaded the clip to his Instagram account.

“Him Dead?” The ‘Unruly Boss’ wrote under the video. The post got the attention of G Whizz who commented, “Never give up… get up and keep it moving.”

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A curious Popcaan asked Whizz what lead to the mishap however he failed to give an explanation. “[G Whizz] why you dweet bredda? You did high?,” Poppi questioned.

Despite falling to the ground, G Whizz got back up and continued his performance. The entertainer is currently promoting his new single titled “Never Been Son Easy.”

Watch the video and check out the comments below.