Pamputtae had a few words for a Dancehall fan who took jabs at her hairline over the weekend.

The hardcore entertainer uploaded a video sharing a few inspirational words on Sunday. “Hyping is costing but it is not forever lasting,” the ‘Sticky Wine’ singer said during her recent interview with Canada’s GView TV.

However several online users claimed the positive message was detailed by her hairline and makeup.

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“All mi can see is her hairline mi caaah see nothing she saying,” one user wrote. “Her hairline gone like Barbara to bbc, but she speaking the truth.”

Another chimed in saying, “But first let’s talk about this hairline please.” That comment got the attention of Pamputtae who clapped back saying, “Yuh a worry bout my hair line you need to worry about u sister weh a f–k yuh man.”

Check out the video and Pamputtae’s response below.

Y’all didn’t stop until #Pamputtae snapped 😫😭

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