Popcaan’s producer NotNice is voicing his opinion on the recent feud between the Unruly Boss and dancehall titan Mavado.

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ER’s Anthony Miller caught up with NotNice recently and the producer believes Popcaan doesn’t need to feud with any dancehall artistes since his career has already taken off and he is already on a international level. According to Notnice, neither Mavado nor Popcaan won or lost the battle given that the “Nah Idle” deejay backed down deciding to be the bigger person.

Notnice said he advised Popcaan not to participate in the feud but the deejay decided to go engage in the lyrical battle and he supported him by producing the diss songs aimed at Mavado, he also added that whilst some people enjoyed the feud others were disappointed. According to the producer, Popcaan can take dancehall to the next level and has several international collaborations in the pipeline therefore he shouldn’t be engaging in any feud to jeopardize any of these upcoming projects, one of which includes Drake”s “Please Forgive Me ” short film where the “Ova Dweet” artiste makes a cameo appearance.

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See NotNice’s interview below: