United States-based disc jock and internet comedian Noah Powa has broken his silence on a viral video which shows him twerking on his head top.

The clip started making rounds on social media Wednesday night when Dancehall selector Foota Hype shared the video bashing Noah.

“A dem b****hole yah a try style mi dem and dem b***yman long mouth stinking c**t mouth suck h**d blotclaat dj,” Foota captioned the video. “Mi tell unu never try style Pisces a God mi say si how di fish swim out and skin out unu tag dem cause mi not even have words fi dem shithouse weh a gwaan like [DHQ Sher].”

Foota Hype Hits Back At Bounty Killer As Beef Continues Online

Since then several social media users and personalities have called out the Bounty Killer impersonator.

Speaking on the video, Noah who will be celebrating his 35th birthday tomorrow says he has no time for negativity, citing that his two kids are his only responsibility.

“Stay focus in life never let negativity get the best of u just take care of ur responsibilities take care of ur kids and just gwan pree life, He wrote.”It’s funny that the same people Dem who say hi hello to u is the first one to throw a stone and buss ur head but guess wat mi nuh see no blood a run big up mi true fans dem and people who loves me tomorrow nite my bday up ??????,” he added.

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