Nicki Minaj continues to prove that she’s for the Dancehall and Jamaican culture.

The Trinidadian Rapper recently cosigned UK recording artist Ms Banks’ lyrics from the ‘Yuzimme’ remix, “Yuh nuh affi ask when ya see me. See di house and cyar dat ah fimi,” the Trinidadian Rapper tweeted.

Banks then responded saying, “How can I wake up to Nicki Minaj quoting my lyrics on twitter !??? NICKI F**KING MINAJ !!! IM SCREAMING.”  The two then exchanged a few tweets which resulted in Nicki Minaj inviting Banks to join her UK tour next year.

Ms Banks teamed up with Lisa Mercedez back in Summer to remixed Stylo G’s smash hit Dancehall banger ‘Yuzimme’. Watch the music video below.