New York says she can’t get a break from Marvin The Beast despite is recent reunion with DHQ Nickeisha.

Last week, the exotic dancer took to Instagram to blast the controversial entertainer warning him to stop calling her phone and focus on his current relationship with his on again, off again girlfriend.

New York uploaded a screenshot of a text conversation with the Beast who reportedly contacted her about an alleged post she made about him and Nickeisha.

DHQ Sher Says She Won’t Be Friends With Nickeisha or Marvin Ever Again

“Marvin imma tell you this once,” she wrote. “Stop calling down my phone about sh*t on Instagram period. If i have something to say about you and your home girl i would go live so you have proof i said it or say it to your face like i normally do.”

“F**k off my phones bro you been blocked who got time to waste on you and your comedy life,” she added.

Following Marvin The Beast and DHQ Nickeisha getting back together earlier this month, New York reacted saying she was sorry she didn’t listen to her fans who were warning her that Marvin was only using her.