Closing out 2018 as the most successful year of his burgeoning career with a cadre of hits and professional accomplishments, a feat that has made him a household name across the diaspora and in top contention for ‘Artiste Of The Year’. Recording artiste Govana says though he’s thankful for all that was achieved last year, his foreseeable goal for 2019 is to become a quintessential artiste for the genre.

Adapting that mindset, the 4th Genna deejay has been working assiduously over the festive season, not only on honing his studio and stagecraft but on completing his debut anthology titled ‘Humans And Monsters Are Not The Same’. Slated for release in the weeks ahead Govana says he thinks the timing is right to release this body of work, however, he never wanted to brand the collective as an album, EP or a mixtape.

“Presently, I am working on my debut anthology, I opted to call it that because I find the term ‘album’ is being used too nonchalantly within the industry and the project contains too many songs to be classified as an EP and definitely of a higher standard than a mixtape.” – Govana intimated.

Govana and Dre Island Shares “The Light” Music Video

Despite the absence of a definitive release date for the compilation, Govana disclosed that ‘Human And Monsters Are Not The Same’ will contain contributions from several noted producers namely: Chimney Records, LMR Pro, Dream Team, Emudio Records, CJ The Chemist, Jamie Roberts (YVP) and Quantanium Records among others with select cameos from his peers.

“For me! his project has been magical, I’ve been working on it for some time now. Something different for the fans, some different type of things. This will definitely allow them to see the different sides of Govana and most importantly no two songs will have the same sound.” – He further disclosed.

Prior to the full release of the project, a few tracks will be premiered over the course of the coming weeks, each accompanied with an official visual, so far he has debuted the lead single ‘Champ’ followed by ‘The Light’ featuring Reggae crooner Dre Island. The official visuals for both can be viewed via his Vevo account ‘GovanaVEVO’.