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Meek Mill recently sat down for a candid interview with My Mixtapez where spoke about his feud with Canadian Rapper Drake.

“When I see an L, that’s what I think about the most,” The Philly Rapper said. “I learned a lot from watching these ni**as that I did a lot for in this industry. I used to always hear people say, ‘This industry’s fake. These ni**as is fake.’”

Meek also said that he never doubt for a moment that his beef with Drake could have stopped his career. “I remember last year, watching people, everybody going against me about a diss record,” explained. “I remember looking at it like, ‘Y’all really think this gon’ stop me? You think telling me I’m going on my girlfriend’s tour is gon’ stop me? Is that a joke?’”

Meek Mill also recalled having a conversation with Jay Z where the rap legend advised him not to engaged the social media trolls.