Marvin The Beast says his relationship DHQ Nickeisha is still going strong.

The controversial dancing couple have been hit with numerous breakup rumours since the start of the year, however Marvin recently made it clear once again that they are stronger than ever.

The couple’s latest spat started last week after the ‘Beast’ was caught on camera allegedly kissing exotic dancer Maria Jade in Miami.

Marvin then sparked breakup rumours when he uploaded a selfie hinting that he was single, “All I need in my life is a beautiful Queen?to love❤me,” he wrote.

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The dancer’s post made rounds on several gossip blog, however Marvin quickly put all talks of a breakup with DHQ Nickeisha to bed when he uploaded a video of the two, directing it to “people who have things to say about his relationship.”

“I have one thing to say please stay out of people relationship??? the beast and the queen clean and fresh,” he wrote.

On Monday Marvin also uploaded their first selfie together in weeks.