Social media sensation Mackerel has launched her career in the Dancehall music industry.

The 18-year-old, real name Ladasha Francis, who rose to fame earlier this year after “take people man” videos became an overnight hit online, is gearing up to release her first single.

Last weekend, Mackerel uploaded a preview of her debut song titled “Tek Weh People Man” and its already making rounds online. The track is produced by Dwayne ‘Lava’ Beswick of Burn Dem Records and featured on the new “Tin Mackerel Riddim.”

The track makes full use of Mackerel’s slangs like ‘not at all’ and ‘people man nice and comfortable’ and was written by Dancehall singjay Kalado.

“Me personally love singing. Singing a my talent, so that inspired me to put something out there,” Mackerel said. “Nuff people nuh used to me singing, but me have nuff more music in the making. I do believe it is possible for me to do comedy and music at the same. From ever since, I’ve been saying me like being a comedian and me like when people laugh and me love singing too.”