Macka Diamond is unbothered by her critics following significant backlash over her new raunchy single “GPS.”

Some fans were quick to criticize the veteran female superstar saying she should act her age following the release of her sexually charged single, which shouts out to women who have the “stress-free goods.”

However, the “Dye Dye” entertainer is not letting the criticism affect her as she claims this has always been her thing and she has no problems embracing her sexual nature despite public opinion.

Macka Diamond Says She’s The Best Looking Female In Dancehall

“I don’t care about what people say. I’m doing me. A lot of men tell me I’m sexy and still looking great for my age so it’s all good,” she said.

The song, which stands for ‘Good P***y Without No Stress’ has been making rounds on social media, catching the ear of fans with its confident and sexy appeal.

According to Macka, this could be the next big single for her as she believes in the track and likes the traction it has managed to pull since it’s release just over a week ago.