La Lewis is calling for peace with his rival Dancehall acts including Sizzla Kalaonji following an incident where he claims he and his children were violated by a group of Rastas.

According to the newly self-proclaimed “Ate-star General,” he is willing to let bygones be bygones. The controversial entertainer claims he and his children were dosed with alcoholic beverages by a group of Rastafarian men but did not declare who he believes they were affiliated with.

The alleged incident comes just weeks after the entertainer claims he was confronted by gunmen whom he says were affiliated with Dancehall deejay Sizzla Kalonji.

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According to Lewis, he is not afraid of any artist lyrically but will avoid any physical confrontations with them or their affiliates as he is an entertainer by trade and not a badman.

LA Lewis incurred the wrath of several Dancehall acts recently after releasing several photos of himself performing oral pleasures on a female companion. Lewis was infamously blasted and threatened by Rastafarian artist Sizzla Kalonji, to which he cheekily responded that the entertainer needs to try the “forbidden fruit” too.