Dancehall superstar Konshens recently shed some new light on what his life was like before he got his big break in the music industry.

According to the “Bruck Off Yuh Back” deejay, he was much like any other young, ambitious Jamaican man, in that he often performed several odd jobs just to meet his ends.

The entertainer revealed that he worked in several industries before he actually got his big break in the music, but most notably of these employments was his time spent being a shoe salesman and a medical technologist for hospitals.

Konshens Labels Scrutiny On Dancehall Music As Unjustified

Before he was a star the deejay says he was just a regular shoe salesman at Azan’s Supercentre. He says it was there that he managed to sharpen his skills on how to interact with the females finding out exactly what they want and like.

Since his humble beginnings, Konshens has gone on to become one of the biggest names in Dancehall music on the international scene, especially with female fans who love his style his sexually charged anthems.