Jamaican Patois is being offered as a official course at Harvard University.

The prestigious world acclaimed university is now offering students the opportunity to participate in the individualized study of Jamaican Patois at the elementary, intermediate, and advanced levels.

The course is being instructed by Jamaican national, Genesee Johnson, who is from Christiana Manchester.

It sparks a interesting debate, as Jamaicans creole is not recognized in our educational system, should similar courses be offered in Jamaican universities?

  • Clive Ocnacuwenga

    We are all experts

    Clive Ocnacuwenga

    • JayB

      Patois not a written language, its just a dialect. The people of Jamaica should first learn to speak the English language , then patois comes after. How will this lady teach this patois, when one word can be spelt more than one way.

      • Clive Ocna

        PATOIS is a language SPOKEN by 7 million people. Should we assume that you and all these other foreigners have LEARNT to SPEAK the English Language?.

        Have you seen the rubbish written by SO MANY WHITE PEOPLE who are not Jamaican?

        PATOIS IS A LANGUAGE but the victim of prejudice. It is the mother tongue of many.

        Don’t kid yourself.

        Clive Ocnacuwenga

      • Clive Ocna

        IS a gun a language? NO but it speaks very loudly when it does.

        Similarly, Patois is a language that speaks very loudly- and many use it for daily communication.

        Your definition is that of the WASP culture who have arrogated to themselves the right to decide what should and should not be accepted.

        That’s why you’re a racist.

        Clive OCnacuwenga

        • JayB

          Very nice Clive whatever your name is, we each are entitled to our opinions, are you a Jamaican, why are you taking this up, let go, are you judging that I am a racist because I say patios is not a written language, well it is definitely not, for all the years it has not been a part of the curriculum in any school I attended. may be you don’t have much to do, if you are an educated person, then u would accept other peoples view whether you like it or not, now I gather you are an educated fool/idiot.

          • Camille Mckenzie-Reid

            clive speaks #facts not an opinion, there is a difference jayb

      • John O. Roomes

        JayB before you make such comments it would save you quite a bit of embarrassment if you get the facts first. 1. Jamaican (Patwa) is indeed a written language with it’s own structure and grammar… different from English.
        2. Jamaicans all naturally speak Patois from birth long before they are introduced to English. The order you’re suggesting is virtually impossible and pointless.
        3. If Jamaicans are taught to read and write first in the Jamaican Language they would acquire the English language way better than most Jamaicans do up to this point. A heart language is a natural prerequisite for acquiring a foriegn language… in our case English is a foriegn language and Patois is our native or heart langyage.

        • Camille Mckenzie-Reid

          thank you

      • Andrew Cunnison

        Jamaican Patios is a written language believe it or not. They are actual ways to spell Jamaican Patios words.

      • Camille Mckenzie-Reid

        typical layperson

  • Doina de Florentin

    This is great. Who are the students and why would they pay for such a course?

    • Clive Ocna


      Clive Ocnacuwenga

  • Kait Fairchild

    Yes! Absolutely. Language belongs to the people. Not some official body somewhere that says it is “official” or it is a “language.” All the students I have know in Jamaica are second language learners. Their language is bright and resilient and arose out of oppression. It should be celebrated for the wit and imagination and creativity that it is! Jamaica nah romp!

  • Joe Awe

    This is interesting because in Belize, the English language is at the mercy of our very own Belizean Creole. Some instances to be best understood, teachers need to drop lines in creole for students to appreciate the teaching. Incredible and interesting and awesome!

  • Lincoln B. Hylton

    Considering the impact of the Jamaican Culture, on Planet Earth through its music (reggae music with Bob Marley being the ICONIC representation of this ( genre); the food (Jerk style of cooking); the great vacation destination; the friendly people; and the almost poetic and certainly unique manner of speaking and self expression; the existence of a Jamaican Diaspora in America that will soon out out-number the ‘indigenous’ numbers in Jamaica….Heck!! Then it’s an action that’s long overdue; and what better educational institution than Harvard (the ultimate one)…to undertake this BOLD and worthwhile action of bringing Jamaican PATWA (Patois)to the halls of a great institution of knowledge and learning.

    A good “reach out person” and “lexiconic” scholar in this pursuit, is Professor Cooper, at the Jamaica campus of the University of the West Indies.
    LBHylton (Contributor)