Popular radio host Dj Linkage has shared his pain after learning that both his kids who he has cared for since birth are not his biological children.

The United States-based radio disc jock says discovered the devastating truth through a mandatory DNA test which was required by the US Embassy as part of its immigration visa process.

The disc Jock, whose real name is Dexter Blake, owns and operates a radio station called Linkage Radio which is based in New York, USA.

According to Blake, he has undergone a period of intense emotional and psychological pain since discovering that both his kids, aged 7 and 9 respectively by both mothers are not biologically his own.

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Blake reveals that it was especially uncomfortable last Christmas as it marked the first time he did not spend the holidays with his kids, fearing the emotional devastation he would face upon seeing them.

Despite this however, Blake says following some reflection he has decided to continue caring for the children, as they have known him as their father since birth.

According to the radio host, he will continue to support the children financially but will not get too close physically as continues to experience intense emotional and psychological pain.