Popular Bajan blogger Babbzy At Large is trying to launch a DHQ Scholarship as she issued a challenge to Jamaican dancers over the weekend.

On Saturday, Babbzy uploaded a raunchy video of few local entertainers dancing the streets of Kingston on social media and shared that she would be willing to pay for their education if they stopped performing their acrobatic stunts.

“How much money do these girls get to do this?,” Babbzy questioned. “What if I said I will give 2 of you the same money you get to do this to STOP doing this and I send you to finish your CXC’s…”

New York In Jamaica, Shades Marvin The Beast & DHQ Nickeisha

“would you accept that challenge??? I’m dead serious… this cannot be the answer for life…. when you are 40 what will you do???🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔,” she continued.

Babbzy posts instantly went viral and received mixed reactions from Dancehall fans. View post and comments below.