Jafrass has released a new music video for his positive track ‘New Year’ produced by Notnice Records.

The song which made its debut back in January, celebrates the arrival of 2018, expressing hope for prosperity, and asking for an end to the crime and senseless killings.

“It is a joy to be alive in 2018. Many of my friends and colleagues didn’t live to see it, so as we turn a new page, we are asking Jamaicans to look into themselves and try do some uplifting and positive things in 2018, new year, give thanks all when yu nah wear the latest bling,” he said.

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“Mi ah the first artiste drop a song fi 2018, me and my management team organised to drop the song at midnight, as the clock strike 12 so on New Year’s Day to show how serious I am about my career this year, New Year!” he said.

Although Jafrass is known for his gangster songs, he believes the rising levels of gun crime are a serious concern for everyone.

Last year, over 1,600 murders were committed in 2017. According to the World Bank, this ranks Jamaica as the fourth most murderous country in the entire world.

Watch Jafrass ‘New Year’ Music Video Below.