Fast-rising Dancehall artist Jafrass has denied allegations that he was recently assaulted by several members of Mavado’s Gully side crew during an incident at Uptown Monday’s last week.

Rumours emerged last week that the Notnice recording label deejay was beaten by several members of Mavado’s Gully Side crew after he became engaged in a heated exchange with them during the most recent staging of Uptown Mondays in Kingston.

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Reports from several online Vloggers claimed that the entertainer was beaten and several shots fired during the incident sending patrons fleeing for safety.

According to the “All Night” deejay, there was never a physical confrontation between himself and any member of Mavado’s crew, as he says they would never make such a foolish attempt.

Jafrass claims that the alleged confrontation was nothing more than a few persons ‘talking up their mouth’ after his recent song “War Mi Nuh” was played at the session and received a rousing response from patrons.

The entertainer went further to claim that the rumours were nothing more than fabrications by certain persons who were he believes were paying online Vloggers to upload fake news to catch a hype.

The Unruly affiliated artist’s story seems to also check out as cops from the Half-Way-Tree police station say they received no reports of any shooting incident at the popular Kingston party hot spot.