We love to see when our Dancehall ladies are living peaceful and cracking jokes.

Last week Jada Kingdom and Yanique Curvy Diva gave fans something to laugh about when the “Love Situations” harmlessly took jabs at the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall after she uploaded a selfie.

Yanique dropped the smoking headshot on her Instagram page which got the attention of Jada who joked that a booger was in her nose (naturally it was all fun and games).

Jada Kingdom Responds To Chozenn Hating On Her ‘Banana’ Challenge

“Dah bugu deh look like it sidung inna yuh nose from basic school,” Jada Kingdom said while laughing.

The “Lifestyle” singer laughed and responded with, “A piece a banana,” plugging Kingdom’s new single. Check out the hilarious exchange and comments below.