Jada Kingdom went viral on social media Monday when she dropped a raunchy photo from her upcoming “Unwanted” music video.

The “Love Situations” singer uploaded a blurry nude photo on her Instagram account which sent tongues wagging. However while the 19-year-old Instagram model-turn-recording artist was lauded for her assets by most of social media users, others were not pleased citing that she went a little overboard with the photo.

Jada who caught wind of her haters quickly blasted them in a followup Instagram post.

Jada Kingdom Turns 19, Shares Why She Never Speaks About Her Age

“What am i missing?,” she captioned her recent post and a photo of her in a bikini. “LISTEN!….i do WTF i want !…my body natural and bomb As fuck so talk to me blotclawwt nice ?”

Kingdom continued by saying, “People mad at my BACK? did i skin out my a** ? am i showing my p***y? are my boobs out ? a your body ? WHAT IS SHOWING ? my nice lovely a** cheeks that beeen showing in swimwear all this long ?awah? true mi nuh name nicki or any other artist? lmao i am sick of you p***ies !!!!!!! y’all picked the wrong!,cyah break me so please carry the f**kery elsewhere!”

“I am f**king Unapologetically bold and f**king free,I AM ART YOU MUTHAF**KAZ !!!! Get With It !!!…i don’t want nobody telling me not to chat either!,i never called you here!…now who ready to s**k my d**k !?,” she added.