Never try to check Ishwna on social media!

The controversial recording artiste blasted a fan on Monday via Instagram after she uploaded an advisory to her fans in Canada.

In a lengthy post, Ishawna revealed that she was not booked for an event in the North American country and offered an apology to her fans.

“It has come to my attention that i’m being promoted on an event in Canada on Friday August 10,” the former Downsound Records singer wrote. “I will not be at that event!!! I won’t be in Canada at that time…. I’m so sorry to all my fans for the inconvenience, love you all so much.”

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However one social media user chimed in saying her post was a bit contradictory, “[Ishawna] did you know about the show before now or not?,” the fan questioned. “Because you can’t make a post saying that “It has come to my attention that i’m being promoted on an event in Canada” then in another breath you are apologizing for inconveniencing your fans. Make up your [mind].”

Ishawna quickly hit back making it clear that she would not change her statement, “Mi say weh mi rassss say!!!! Ishawna NAH aguh deh deh a dat mi say and a dat mi mean!!!!,” she wrote.

Check out the full exchange and comments below.

#Ishawna said what she said 😭

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