Spice’s latest Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta fight is buzzing on social media.

In a teaser on Tonight’s episode uploaded by VH1 last week the “Queen of Dancehall” can be seen getting into an altercation with newcomer Tokyo Vanity.

In the footage, Vanity can be heard discussing her beef with Spice, “I don’t have no problem with her (Spice) but the b***h keeps playing with me, she said.

Spice overheard her comments and got up screaming, “Doah call mi nuh bloodcl****t b***h!”, she then rushed towards Tokyo Vanity and threw the cake she was eating at her.

Spice Drags Woman For Having Issue With Her Cheering Her Daughter

On Monday, another clip of Spice and Tokyo Vanity surfaced once again. In that scene it was revealed that Spice went on a date with Vanity’s boyfriend Tobias Dray and that’s how their beef started.

After Vanity found out she confronted Spice and it was another fight scene instantly. Watch below.

Spice was clearly a great dandy shandy player 😂😫🤸‍♀️

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