Gully Bop’s alleged wife is accusing the deejay of assault.

In a video Facebook live video uploaded on the Dancehall entertainer’s account, the woman can be heard talking on her phone seemingly to the police, “Gully Bop just beat me up, i’m his wife…. Gully Bop just beat me up,” she reported.

The woman who was sitting on the veranda, repeated the statement and gave her location before Gully Bop approached her. She then ran into the house and he followed, “He is pulling on me now,” she continued. “Get off me Robert!,” she screamed. Gully Bop’s real name is Robert Lee Malcolm.

Gully Bop Diss Shauna Chyn Over New White Boyfriend

In the clip, the ‘Wuk Affa Mi’ deejay did not deny the assault allegations however insisted she was stalking him.

The woman in the low quality video resembles Gully Bop’s recent love interest, Deborrah Nicholson.

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