Alkaline’s former manager has openly admitted that the Dancehall superstar modeled his early path to success by studying popular entertainer Vybz Kartel.

According to Dwayne “Cahban” Morris, the Vendetta deejay’s former manager, they studied and copied Vybz Kartel’s career in the initial stages. The veteran producer says that they devised a plan to topple the Dancehall giant by knowing his every move.

Cahban recently told The Star that Alkaline would frequently recite and break down every Vybz Kartel song lyric and interview to in a effort to understand the deejay’s methods. He says they effectively planned a move to tap into Kartel’s massive fan base, and even befriended several of the entertainer’s former producers and affiliates.

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The “Formula” deejay has frequently dismissed comparisons to the Gaza boss, denying allegations that he has copied his work in way or form.

Alkaline and Cahban severed ties after the former manager failed to tie the artiste down to a formal contract, and was eventually replaced by the deejay’s sisters.