Former Jag One Productions (J.O.P.) member Navino caused an uproar on Instagram earlier this week when he uploaded a screenshot of Aidonia.

The “A Nuh Luck” deejay shared a screenshot of his former mentor viewing his Instagram story with a cryptic caption.

The post angered Aidonia fans who believed Navino uploaded the screenshot on IG for attention, “Yo this is a b***h n***a move yo.. Why share it? You looking for attention,” one fan wrote. “More time some things affi keep to yourself eno family,” another added.

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Others joked that Aidonia missed Navino’s company, while a few said it was a sign of unity.

Navino left the Aidonia-led J.O.P camp back in 2012, “Since mi leave J.O.P my career is better. I am learning the business now, I might not be doing a bag of shows but it’s more professional. I used to go up and down and perform with Aidonia for free but now I get paid so I am more comfortable,” Navino said during an interview at the time.