Foota Hype continues to taunt his current rival Lincoln 3Dot on social media.

The controversial Dancehall selector has labelled the blogger-turn-recording artist as a liar and “panty parrot” after he lied about sleeping with his baby mama, Ishawna earlier this month.

On Wednesday, Foota shared a snippet of a new song from Dancehall artist Leftside titled “Lie,” “I like this song a whole lot ????? bun all panty Parrott niggas weh tell lie pon pum pum @leftsideja the song bad,” Foota wrote.

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Lincoln came under fire last week when he released a diss track suggesting that he slept with the “Equal Rights” singer. However Ishawna quickly refuted his claims why uploading screenshots of a conversation they had.

“The things we as women have to go through!!!!! Ladies what do we call men weh tell lie pon p**y again?????,” she wrote. “Mi nuh want nuh BOY or GAL feel like dem can ramp wid mi and tell mi sorry!!!!!! There’s NOTHING worst than a man that tell lies on women!!! STAY OFF MY NAME!!!! Mi sick and tired a unu now!!!! @lincoln3dot @footahypemusic#DoBetter #EqualRights.”

Lincoln later responded saying the single was recorded from April and has nothing to do with Ishawna or Foota Hype. Lincoln also stated that Ishawna was lame for leaking the screenshots and he also has conversations of his own.

He added that the “Restraining Order” singer sent her number to him a few months ago however he never contacted her because she’s not his type.