Foota Hype was dragged on social media Thursday evening over insensitive comments he made about Lauren London at the funeral service of late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

The American actress shared some heartfelt words about her longtime boyfriend which had fans crying, however it seems Foota Hype wasn’t here for it saying she seemed suspect.

“Seems practiced with no emotion she seem suspect not even a tear,” Foota Hype wrote.

Hip Hop and Dancehall fans instantly went HAM on the Outspoken selector, “Give us back nipsey and tek nasty dutty footah🤮 stomach,” one user wrote.

“Foota Hype honestly you need fi shut your f**king mouth and mind your business now, its a new year and you still chatting the same sh*t. How dare you speak about a woman that is suffering the loss of her partner,” another added.

“I will not argue with you, somethings are better yet left unsaid grow up!time and place for everything,” the comments continued.