An ex-soldier has been charged for the murder of a St Ann nurse, 39-year-old Ophelia Wollaston.

The accused has been identified as 60-year-old Alvan Chatrie.

According to reports, Wollaston was murdered just minutes after she went to the St Ann’s Bay Police Station last week Friday to file a report against Chatrie who had issued several threats against her life following their breakup.

She then went to a supermarket near the police station. According to police reports, around 6:30 pm, Wollaston was shot inside the store allegedly by Chatrie following an argument.

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Chatrie then walked to the police station, where he turned himself over to investigators. He was armed with his licensed Glock pistol.

Following his questioning by police investigators on Saturday, Chatrie was charged Tuesday afternoon with murder. He is expected to face the St Ann Parish Court later this week.