Dovey Magnum is hitting back at critics after a photo of herself with Tifa went viral on Wednesday.

Internet trolls took aim at the ‘Bawl Out’ singer after she was photographed with the Dancehall Diva at her press release and listening party in New York City.

“Dovey Magnum looks really different without snapchat filters this is why i don’t trust these h*es,” one user wrote. “Dovey looks like someone’s aunt,” another added.

Dovey Magnum Sends Stern Warning To Men Sending Her Photos

However the hardcore entertainer wasn’t having it, shortly after Dovey took to her Instagram account to send a message to her haters.

“The face you make at dumb ugly b***hes that’s mad asf cause you look better DAN THEM WHEN YOU WEAR #snapchatfilters👻,” she wrote. “#B***hillStabYou🙄😩 LOOK 👀

#DoveyMagnum 😫

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