Savage’s reports of his car accident in New York on Sunday isn’t sitting well with a few Dancehall fans.

The ‘Whine Mama’ deejay, whose given name is Simon Daley, took to social media on Monday to upload a video wearing cervical collar during an ambulance ride.

According to Savage, the motor vehicle he was travelling in flipped over in the snow, “only can say [i] am happy to be alive,” he wrote.

According to his manager, Richard Roach, the entertainer suffered some minor bruises from the accident, and explained that based on the condition of the car, the entertainer is lucky to be alive.

“He is very thankful to be alive, that’s for sure. He’s joyful and upbeat and just overall thankful,” Roach said. “The car he was driving in flipped over in the air three times before it came to a stop. It completely write off, so for him to escape without anything major happening is a miracle.”

Unfortunately, Savage’s story is just not quite adding up with a few Dancehall fans in New York who say there was no snow over the weekend. Many claims the deejay fabricated the story for publicity.

Roach has since responded to the critics saying was Savage not looking to gain attention from his post on social media, “For people who might be thinking him making a video was a publicity stunt or something to gain attention, it wasn’t. He (Savage) was actually videoing himself for his personal catalogue and not to put on Instagram,” he said. “However, the news was getting out there and he decided to let people know that he was ok through that video.”