Marvin the Beast and Dancehall Queen Nickeisha sent fans into a frenzy back in June when news surfaced that they were expecting their first together.

Unfortunately, social media users are now wondering if the news was true or just another publicity stunt from the controversial dancing couple.

Following the announced three months ago, Nickeisha said she would be refusing dance bookings and only do appearances and performances.

DHQ Nickeisha Shares First Photo Since Pregnancy Announcement

However several Dancehall fans say they haven’t noticed in difference in Queen Nikki’s appearance nor has she made any lifestyle changes.

“If really want to know if this girl [Queen Nickeisha] really pregnant because she still wearing tight clothes and going out like nothing happened,” one user wrote on IG, “Real talk i was thinking the same but didn’t want she block mi, one a mi friend dem all see her a drink suh mi nuh know eno,” another added.

DHQ Nickeisha has since responded to the critics by uploading a video online. In the clip, users can see a slight view of the dancers baby bump.

“NOT BECAUSE…………😀😄😄😅😅😁😁😂 still dancing having fun and enjoying myself,” she captioned the video.