Promoters of Miami’s Best of the Best concert have banned Dexta Daps from performing at the event for life.

Popular radio disc jock and event promoter, Jabba, says that the Dexta Daps has been banned from performing at the event for life following his “unprofessional conduct” which caused the show to end abruptly.

According to the disgruntled disc jock, he will never book the “Shabba Madda Pot” deejay in his lifetime, regarless of how popular he may become.

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Jabba claims the concert was set off course after the singer refused to leave his hotel room, demanding to be paid US$1,000 allegedly owed from a previous event, as well as 10 extra tickets.

This promoters say held up the concert by over 20 minutes, which ultimately resulted in authorities shutting the  event down before fans got a chance to see headline performer Mavado.

The Hot 97 radio host went on to brand the entertainer as a “diva,” and that he would stop supporting his music in any way of form.