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Soca superstar Destra Garcia has been ordered to pay a Belizean man over $16,000 BZD for rupturing his bladder after she jumped on him during a concert back in 2015.

The man, Fernando Oliva sued the ‘Waistline Killer’ singer for personal injury after he was hospitalized following the incident which took place at the annual Carnival Overload concert in Belize.

During her performance, Destra called up a fan and Oliva volunteered, she then positioned him on the floor and proceeded to jump on him reportedly damaging his bladder.

According to multiple media outlets in Belize, Oliva awarded $16,577 BZD by Justice Courtney Able after Destra failed to appear in court last week.

Oliva’s attorney Steve Perrera says they received a default judgement against the singer and are now in talks with attorneys in Trinidad to enforce the judgement in that jurisdiction.

Destra is currently in Miami and is tight-lipped on he situation, she is expected to release a statement later this week.