Dancehall artist Danielle D.I. has been embroiled in recent controversy after her Onstage TV interview with Winford Williams.

The “Rebel” singer came under fire following her claims that she walked away with a £1 Million pounds settlement when things ended with ex-lover Ricardo Fuller.

“When i was with my ex-fiancé, the baller [Ricardo Fuller], when mi and the baller lef is a £1 Million pound settlement mi and him guh, yeah? cause a wan rich rich rich millionaire dat…. mi guh in as the wife and exit as the wife,” D.I  said while detailing her ongoing feud with Controversial singer Ishawna.

However days later, Fuller released a statement refuting the claims,

“I Ricardo Fuller wish to refute claims made on a recent interview on stage aired on September 22nd, 2017 by Danielle Isaacs also known as D.I,” he wrote. “I was never engaged to Danielle Isaacs neither did i give Danielle Isaacs £1 Million pounds as a settlement as she claimed on the program.”

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“I also wish to categorically state that all [relations] between Danielle Isaacs and I ended over nine years ago. I also refute all other statements made about me Ricardo Fuller by Danielle Isaacs,” The former Stoke City striker added.

After tons of speculation Danielle D.I has now decided to respond that her supporters and well-wishers can gain a sense of understanding directly from her.

According to Danielle D.I. “Whatever transpired between my ex [Ricardo Fuller] and I should be completely confidential. Over the years I always chose to keep my romantic life private. The only reason the situation came to the forefront was to clarify a lyric from the [Ishawna] diss track which claimed that, “Baller bust your salad” and that I was seeking a come up; both are far from the truth.”

“Our families, colleagues and close friends are witnesses. They can have seen the fairytale highs as well as the traumatic and very abusive lows, during our involvement since my teens until about 2010. They know and understand our story,” he added in a statement sent to The Tropixs.

“A lot of what I said has been misinterpreted. The statement “Go in as the wife and exit as the wife,” was simply to clarify that at no point was I ever his “side-chick”. We have both moved on since and I have gained my freedom. I can freely pursue my music, which was a big issue in that relationship.”

Meanwhile, Danielle D.I. says she’s focused on her music. Her latest release is titled, “So Blessed,” a track dedicated to all mothers. This song showcases how meaningful the word mother means to her. “So Blessed” was produced by Smokey Ent and is an emotional piece that shows respect. It will resonate with those that also share the same sentiments towards their matriarchs.

British based Lewis Planter Music produced the additional release, “Nothing On Me”. This track has an original dancehall feel. It gives a throw back vibe that is still appreciated today. Both tracks are available exclusively on VEVO.

Danielle D.I. will be making a special appearance this Saturday October 14th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She will be hosting Island rhythms at The Reef located at 605 S 3rd St.