Danielle D.I has rolled out a brand new track “Wife Yuh” in which she seemingly takes jabs at Ishanwa’s “Equal Rights” movement.

In the single produced by Journey Music, the ‘Rebel’ singer made it clear that she’s representing for men that are against the sexual acts that her longtime rival endorses.

“This addi rebel DI (x2), mi sing deh one yah fi dem man dem outta road weh nuh inna no freaky thing / and nuh b***h cyaa bright come tell yuh affi bow down eat nuh thing,” she sings in the intro.

Ishawna Could Cost Man His Marriage

Danielle D.I and Ishawna had one of the biggest feuds last year in Dancehall however it seems the two are still dropping subliminal messages at each other.

Stream Danielle D.I new single “Wife Yuh” below.