D’Angel really knows how to get social media buzzing.

The First lady of Dancehall made rounds on Instagram earlier this week after she uploaded another cryptic message, referencing her previous relationship with Dancehall giants Beenie Man and Bounty Killer.

“Watch Eeh Stand Up! A Same So Mi Stand Up Inna Di Two Man Dem Heart ❤❤😂,” She captioned a photo taken at the iconic Holland Bamboo in St Elizabeth.

“She swear sey Beenie Man a mad over her yuh si kmft. The man have himself a classy ass lady,” one fan wrote.

Beenie Man Take Jabs At Spice As D’Angel “No Worries” Beef Continues

“Damn granny barbie love throw words yuh si. …..and please rewrite that caption and use the past tense because this is the present and Krystal a di one wey stand up strong strong inna di man heart now kmft,” another added.

“I’m a huge fan of D’Angel and i got nothing but love for her but she really need fi have several seats right now she a over do things,” the comments continued.

D’Angel had a longtime relationship with Bounty Killer before getting married to Beenie Man in 2006.