Dancer-turn-Recording artist Shelly Belly is calling out Dancehall selectors for playing Ding Dong’s songs and benching his tracks amidst their current beef.

With a competitive rivalry that started many years ago in the dancehall dancing arena, Shelly Belly and Ding Dong’s relatively low key feud has garnered momentum with the release of Sanjay and Shelly Belly’s new counteraction to Ding Dong’s Genna Bounce single.

However according to Shelly, several selectors are only playing Ding Dong’s single which he claims are garbage but refuse to show any support to his track.

“Nuff a unu disc jocks a hypocrite,” he said. “Yu can play him song “Flairy” where him [Ding dong] diss Busy Signal but you don’t want play our song “Which Bomb” because me and Sanjay fix di garbage.”  Listen both singles below.