A Portmore couple is now celebrating the birth of quadruplets a year after losing twins.

Parents George Clarke and Codenia Miller were in store for a special surprise last Thursday, as much to their amazement they had became the proud parents of quadruplets, after initially only expecting triplets.

According to the parents, they had done several scans prior to the birth of their children but there was no signs of a forth child, and it was only during delivery that their little miracle appeared.

The couple proudly gave birth to four healthy babies, three girls and one boy at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston. The named their son Keeran, while their three little daughters Kerah, Keyah, and Kayla.

The amazing miracle comes just a year after the couple suffered the heartbreak of losing their twin babies, who died at two months following complications from being born prematurely.

The little bundles of joy were also able to make history, as they became the first ever quadruplets to be born at the Jubilee Hospital.