A Colombian airline is considering an innovative way of making flying even cheaper by removing seats and making passengers stand during their flights.

In the past, the airlines already voiced their plan to make flying accessible to more people. In 2003, Airbus came up with an idea of allowing passengers to be braced in a vertical “seat”

Founder and CEO of VivaColombia, William Shaw told the Miami Herald, “There are people out there right now researching whether you can fly standing up – we’re very interested in anything that makes travel less expensive.” “Who cares if you don’t have an in-flight entertainment system for a one-hour flight?”

Budget airlines are know to find ways to cut the cost of airfare to accommodate more passengers.
According to 7 news, this is not a new concept, back in 2010, Ryanair proposing standing areas and at that time Michael O’Leary described the standing seats as “bar stools with seatbelts”.

However, the country’s Civil Aviation Authorities is yet to agree the proposal.

Back in 2015, Ryanair’s known for being a no-frills airline, faced flak for not providing toilet rolls to passengers to cut costs. The airline, later, tendered an apology for the inconvenience caused.

Source: India Times