Ciara’s is taking legal action against Future to enforce mediation over their son’s travel schedule.

According to TMZ, Ciara wants to finalise baby Future’s travel arrangements and if the judge won’t force Future into mediation, she wants a trial after growing increasingly frustrated by months of back and forth.

Back in April Ciara claimed in court documents that her ex-lover has been missing scheduled visits with their son.

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Ciara says the “Mask Off” rapper missed 37 percent of his scheduled visits with his son and often bails at the last moment wrecking her schedule.

The “Level Up” singer in court documents also alleged that when her son visits in Georgia he spends the majority of his time with his grandmother and great-grandmother.

Cici added that baby Future’s health issues exacerbated by the cross-country flying and his flight fatigue has lead to emotional breakdowns at school.

Ciara and Future had their son Future Jr before their split in 2014.