Chris Martin has surprisingly been getting a lot of hate on social media over his new girlfriend Brittny Newman’s pregnancy.

Shortly after new broke online last month, that the ‘Big Deal’ singer is expecting his third child, many lashed out claiming Martin needs to be ‘more responsible’ and stop being a ‘womaniser.’  “Lawd man Martin need fi cut him speed and spend time and love people, him just a walk and breed gyal pickney dem,” one user wrote, “Same story different cast this man does not use condoms lol.”

Fans Blasts Chris Martin & His New Girlfriend Online

Social media users also claimed that Martin will end his relationship with Newman after she gives birth, allegedly like he did with his first two baby mamas who includes Dancehall, Reggae star Ce’ Cile.

However Chris Martin is seemingly unfazed by the current chatter on social media, on Saturday he uploaded a photo with Newman during their recent visit to the beach saying they’re all about keeping a positive mindset for the new year. “It’s all P E A C E and L O V E on this side chuss mi….#YouKnoDiSchwepps #2020A40#40Mins,” he wrote.