Beenie Man‘s current girlfriend, Television Presenter Krystal Tomlinson responded to a social media user’s comment on Wednesday after the person compared her with the Veteran Dancehall artist’s ex-wife D’Angel and her clap back has been making rounds online.

“Not telling no lie, ANGLE looks better than u by farrr… [@] Krystal Tomlinson,” user [@]_sky_shyyyyy wrote under a photo Krystal posted after her daily workout.

Tomlinson however kept it classy saying, “[@]_sky_shyyyyy I think you mean “Angel” 😊 and she really is beautiful! That’s why she used to model.,” The Digicel Foundation Public Relations & Engagement Manager, and Five Dollar Forum Founder wrote.

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“She has beautiful facial bone structure. 😍 Now! Back to you…are you done trying to create negative feelings between women? At age 26, I’m already too grown for that 🙇🏾‍♀️..”


She then uploaded the screenshot and addressed the issue with her 53.4K followers.


“Ladies, don’t do this. It’s not cute. 😢,” she said.

“Whoever this person is, I hope you don’t go around comparing yourself to other women. Release those energies from your spirit. Liberate yourself from those poisonous habits and inferior thoughts. Always choose to think, speak, do things from a place of peace and power. Not puerility. ”

“It just nuh pretty. Me nuh wah see no woman a live dah life yah or a try get a next woman fi live it. This comment is the definition of spiritual poverty. And me tyad fi see poverty pon people 😩😩”

  • Baybijhem

    Classy response. Love it!

    • Nekeisha Ann- Marie Morgan

      Let us build each other up not tear each other down. Peace out!

  • Carol HotlikeLava Trusty

    yes Krystal, intelligent answer use your class and dun her

    • Geary Forbes

      Classic lady with a classic answer love ❤️ her,way to go.

  • crocusbag

    As if pretty woman a beenieman problem. Him obv see something beyond skin depth.

  • Yvonne McBean

    Love your comment girl.

  • Maverney Jones-West

    Spot on doll

  • igotflava2

    Perfect response. ….

  • dabugs

    She suppose to go hide after that response… more tweets out of her for a long time!!!! Right fi har.

  • Kiki

    Great use of the language devices!

    • Keida S Gumbs-Johnson


  • Cheryl Toocute Kirkpatrick

    Class over illiteracy…,krystal done dat intelligently….a now me love u girl….big up uself

  • Sandra Gayle

    brap, brap

  • Lillianna Hall

    Well said